How to do forklift maintenance and repair? Aug 29 , 2022
First, the maintenance of the forklift
By regularly cleaning, checking, lubricating, tightening, adjusting and verifying the forklift, it is possible to fundamentally improve the working conditions of the parts, reduce the wear and tear of the forklift parts, and eliminate some unsafe hidden dangers to ensure the safety of the forklift. Operation. So how to do the maintenance of the forklift? The first is the maintenance time of the forklift. Generally, such as manual pallet trucks and manual stackers, the spare parts of forklifts such as forklifts will be less compared to other forklifts. In contrast, their maintenance cycle can be appropriately extended and maintained once every six months. However, for electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts, dual-fuel forklifts, reach forklifts, etc. due to their complex structure and many spare parts, timely and regular maintenance is also necessary under the condition of daily standardized operation. In addition to reducing fuel consumption The wear and tear of spare parts can also maximize the mileage between overhauls of the entire vehicle or each assembly, so the maintenance time can be designed to be shorter, such as once every three months.
Second, choose a forklift maintenance provider
When looking for a forklift maintenance and repair provider, the first thing we must consider is the excellent technology and stability. A forklift maintenance and repair provider with excellent technology and stable operation can ensure that the forklift is systematically maintained and repaired during the whole process of the forklift's service life. If you don't do it or you can't continue to provide us with forklift services for various reasons, these situations are very bad for forklift users, so it is necessary to find a forklift maintenance service provider with excellent technology, good reputation and stable service. .
Three, forklift cleaning
In the forklift preventive maintenance program, this is also the simplest daily preventive maintenance work, which can be completed by the forklift driver of each shift. Its main purpose is to improve the overall maintenance quality of the forklift, reduce the wear of the parts and reduce the consumption of oil and materials. Make the appearance of the forklift clean and tidy. The engine and various assemblies and on-board tools are free of oil pollution, the filters work normally, and the hydraulic oil and parts are free of pollution. There are many reasons for the failure of the forklift. If some unclean items such as waste or debris, rags, and dust in the air are attached to the forklift for a long time and are not removed, it will lead to some minor failures. Therefore, preventive maintenance is required. In the maintenance plan, this is to be placed inside, and good cleaning is very important for forklift maintenance.
Fourth, the addition and inspection of forklift oil
For the reserves of various types of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, etc., which are commonly used in forklifts, regular inspections should be carried out to prevent the forklifts from poor working condition and serious wear, and the oil should be replenished in time. The car should pay attention to check the capacity of the battery water, and replenish the battery water (battery replenishment fluid) in time.
Five, forklift vulnerable parts
For some vulnerable parts of the forklift, the user of the forklift can reserve certain wearing parts, such as seals, forklift bulbs, seat belts, filters (machine filters, diesel filters, air filters, gasoline filters) ), wheels and tires, etc., can have a small amount of reserves. In an emergency, if the forklift driver can determine the fault, if the wearing parts need to be replaced, they can be replaced in time to ensure that the forklift work is not delayed.
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