Forklift Chassis Resistance Inspection and Maintenance Jul 17 , 2023
Rough Terrain Forklift chassis resistance inspection and maintenance
1. Chassis resistance inspection. The resistance of any part between the forklift wiring and the chassis should be at least 1000 ohms. Many failures are caused by chassis short circuits. Usually, there are two faults before a fault occurs. However, since the battery can have chassis leaks, even a single short in the forklift wiring can cause problems. To prevent problems due to short circuits, do the following:
1. Disconnect the forklift battery and discharge the main capacitor;
2. As far as the diesel counterbalanced forklift chassis is concerned, any component connection or wiring should be measured at will, and the small resistance should be 10,000 ohms. Any low resistance detection point must have a short circuit on the chassis;
3. Keep the forklift battery clean at all times to minimize chassis current leakage;
4. Frequently clean the carbon brush powder on the motor;
5. Ensure that all accessories, such as horns and lighting facilities, are designed without chassis connections.
2. Repair the chassis short circuit. After a short circuit occurs, it must be cleared even if the device is still functioning properly. Before testing individual wires and components, it is necessary to minimize possible problem areas. If there is low resistance current, it should be opened in a different position. This allows repair or replacement identification of shorts or components.
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