How to Install the Forklift Control Panel? Aug 09 , 2023
How to install the 16 ton forklift control panel?
1. Use a small amount of heat transfer compound on control panels and mating surfaces prior to assembly.
2. Use sealant on all screw threads used to reinforce parts on the control panel.
3. Use sealant on the screws used to tighten the positive and negative fins on the control panel to a torque of 10-14N.M,
4. Tighten the nuts and screws with a wrench to reinforce the bus bar and the power transistor to a torque of 4-6N.M,
5. Tighten the screws that fix the power transistor to the positive heat sink, the torque is 4-6N.M,
6. Tighten the screw that fixes the circuit on the base of the power transistor, the torque is 1.3-1.7N.M,
7. Tighten the diode with a torque of 9-11N.M,
8. Tighten the terminal screws of the main capacitor with a torque of 4.5-5.5N.M,
9. Tighten all the screws that fix the cable busbar on each heat sink, the torque is 5.5-9.5N.M,
10. Use sealant on the threads of some fixing screws located in the insulator and on the control panel, and tighten the screws with a torque of 5.5-9.5N.M (
11. Tighten the screws and nuts with a wrench to reinforce the cables or busbars on the contactor. The torque is 5.5-9.5N.M,
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