How do I access the error codes stored on my forklift? Sep 15 , 2023
Some series of gasoline forklift truck can memorize the last 24 error codes. Helps a lot when the forklift is having intermittent problems and the operator doesn't remember which code appears on the display. Moreover, by analyzing the contents of the last 24 error codes, it is possible to determine what work the forklift has done. Use the following procedure to access stored error codes during the final stages of diagnosis.
1. Enter the self-diagnosis procedure as usual.
2. To complete the contactor test, go through the self-diagnostic procedure, or by moving the Diagnostic/Run/Set switch from "Diagnostic" to "Run" and back to "Diagnostic position".
3. After completing the contactor test, pull the tilt lever and release it to the central position. The display will now display the stored error code or a static "E".
It is now possible to enter an error code each time by pushing and releasing the tilt lever. It can display the most recent error code. By alternately pushing and releasing the tilt joystick several times, more error codes will appear on the display, up to a maximum of 24. When the display shows a static "E", all error codes have been displayed. An "E" may also appear immediately, indicating that no error code has been memorized.
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