How to Change the Filter Element of Loader Jan 24 , 2024
The front end loader is equipped with organic filter, diesel filter, air filter and torque converter filter. No matter which one you replace, you must turn it off, remove it, and replace it. These locations are marked around the engine.
① Park the compact wheel loader on level ground, raise the boom to the highest position, tilt the bucket back to the highest position, and then turn off the engine. Gently push the bucket control lever to the forward tilt position of the bucket, so that the bucket tilts forward to the extreme position under the action of its own weight, and the oil in the large cavity of the rotating bucket cylinder is discharged.
(2) Gently push the boom control lever to the boom lowering position, so that the boom slowly drops under the action of its own weight, and the oil in the large cavity of the boom cylinder is discharged.
③Clean the dirt on the surface of the hydraulic tank and other components to avoid contaminating the hydraulic system during disassembly. Place the oil tank at the bottom of the hydraulic oil tank, remove the drain plug at the bottom of the hydraulic oil tank, and drain the hydraulic oil.
④Remove the fixing bolts of the hydraulic oil tank filling port and take out the filling port.
⑤ Remove the top cover of the hydraulic oil return filter from the upper part of the hydraulic oil tank, and take out the oil return filter element. (Note: If a large amount of metal foam or debris is found, please repair the relevant parts.
⑥ Remove the flange cover and the fuel tank cleaning port under the fuel port, clean the bottom and wall of the fuel tank with diesel, and finally wipe it clean with a clean cloth.
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