Troubleshooting and Maintenance of microcontroller-type forklifts Dec 06 , 2023
First, troubleshooting.
The following troubleshooting checklist is specific to microcontroller warehouse forklift truck. Troubleshooting checklists, "time-of-operating" diagnostic instructions, "self" diagnostic tests, problem lists, and problem flow charts help:
1. Define the problem and check for existing problems.
2. Carry out inspections in a logical order.
3. Carry out necessary repairs.
4. Check the problems that have been solved.
What should be noted above is that the hydraulic diesel forklift may move suddenly, causing battery voltage and high ampere current, which may cause casualties or damage to the forklift. Keep away from the driving wheels when performing test work or operational inspections. The battery should be disconnected and the main capacitor discharged before contacting the control panel. When servicing the microcontroller system, rings, watches or other metal products should not be worn on hands and arms.
Second, testing may cause damage to the equipment. Continuous testing can only be performed after setting a resistor and disconnecting the battery.
Third, it may cause damage to the control panel. Do not use water or steam or solutions to clean the controller. If necessary, use the pressure generated by an air hose with a maximum pressure of 205KPa to clean the control panel. Make sure the air pressure unit is equipped with a water filter.
Fourth, troubleshooting list.
1. Prepare for testing and inspection.
2. Correct any display problems and diagnose faults during operation.
3. Correct the "self" diagnosis fault.
4. Carry out operation inspection.
5. Correct the "fault code problem" in the troubleshooting sheet.
6. Carry out operation inspection and verify maintenance work.

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