What should be paid attention to in the use and maintenance of forklift batteries?
Aug 29 , 2022
The electrolyte of the forklift battery contains sulfuric acid, and hydrogen gas will be generated when working or standing. Mishandling it may cause serious injury or fire, so the following precautions must be observed:
1. Precautions for the use of forklift batteries.
1. The time for a single use of the forklift starter is not more than 5 S, and the interval between two uses is not less than 15 S. When the starter is used three times in a row, and the forklift engine still cannot be started, stop using it and find out the reason.
2. Regularly check the electrolyte level. When the electrolyte is close to the "lower level", distilled water should be added to make the liquid level 10-15mm higher than the electrode plate, but when it does not exceed the "upper level", distilled water should be added to make the liquid level 10-15mm higher than the electrode plate. But do not exceed the "upper level". Adjust the electrolyte density in time according to different seasons. Filling the electrolyte should be carried out in a dust-free environment as much as possible to prevent dust from entering the interior of the forklift battery.
3. Special forklift battery acid and distilled water must be used for the preparation of electrolyte, industrial sulfuric acid and tap water are strictly prohibited.
4. All fire sources are prohibited from approaching the battery.
5. Safety glasses and rubber gloves should be worn when touching the forklift battery.
6. If the electrolyte in the forklift battery splashes into your eyes, you should immediately rinse with plenty of water and go to the hospital for treatment.
7. If you accidentally drink electrolyte, you should drink a lot of water, milk, raw eggs or cooking oil, and immediately go to the hospital for help.
8. If the electrolyte in the battery splashes on clothes or body, it should be washed with plenty of water immediately.
9. Before carrying out the work related to the forklift battery, the engine fire should be extinguished.
10. When repairing the electrical system or performing electric welding operations on the machine, remove the negative pole of the forklift battery to prevent leakage.
11. To avoid accidental contact with metal objects (such as tools), the positive and negative electrodes of the forklift battery are short-circuited.
12. Pay attention to anti-vibration when handling, and the forklift battery should be firmly fixed on the vehicle.
13. When disassembling the forklift battery, first disconnect the negative electrode. When installing the forklift battery, first connect the positive pole and tighten the nut.
14. If the electrolyte of the forklift battery has frozen, do not charge the battery, and do not use other power sources to start the engine, which will turn off the forklift battery. When charging or using other power sources to start the engine, Before starting, the battery electrolyte must be dissolved to ensure that there is no leakage.
2. Maintenance of forklift batteries.
1. Always wipe off the dust and dirt on the cap, wire connector and pole, fasten the connector, apply protective agent, and ensure that the vent hole on the liquid filling hole cover is unobstructed. When cleaning the top surface of the forklift battery, remember not to use organic solvents or cleaners such as gasoline.
2. After tightening the top cover of the forklift battery, if the sealant is found to be broken, it should be repaired in time.
3. Regularly check the discharge of the forklift battery to keep the forklift battery in a sufficient state. Supplementary charging should be carried out every 1-2 months. When the battery is maintained and charged, if it is not handled properly, there is a danger of explosion.
4. It is necessary to correctly grasp the charging timing of the forklift battery, such as weak starting, (not caused by mechanical failure), the headlights are dim, when the lighting power is insufficient, when the electrolyte density drops below 1.2, the discharge exceeds 50% in summer and 50% in winter. If the discharge exceeds 255, supplementary charging should be carried out in time.
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