Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting of Forklift Drive Motor Not Running Feb 18 , 2024
Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting of New 5 Ton Forklift Drive Motor Not Running
1. The switch is not closed. (battery connector, key switch, seat switch, direction switch or parking brake switch): Off switch. If the drive motor still won't run, use a multimeter to check the voltage and electrical pulses across each switch on the control board. But the foot switch should be on.
2. The connection is not sensitive. The fuse has blown. Check the battery connector connection. Check fuses, drivers and logic circuits. If the fuse blows, replace the fuse. Check the forklift drive motor and forklift control board for possible causes of blown fuses. Some may be caused by:
A. Operating under conditions of excessive transistor load and excessive current limit;
B. Operate under stall conditions;
C. Possible short circuits in the small forklift truck drive motor.
3. Low battery voltage. Check battery terminal voltage. If it is too low, recharge the battery. Check all cells in the faulty battery. Check the specific gravity of each single cell. The density difference between the battery with the highest specific gravity and the battery with the lowest density cannot exceed 0.020SG (specific gravity).
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