Forklift Power Transmission Device Troubleshooting
Dec 01 , 2023
New Hydraulic Diesel Forklift power transmission device troubleshooting
Question 1: When there is no traction during the normal working stage, but the hydraulic operation is normal. Possible reasons are as follows:
1. Brake failure. Zhenjiang creates resistance (lack of free movement). The heat builds up, causing the forklift's starter motor to stop rotating. Check the brake adjustment device following the procedure in (Inspection and Adjustment).
2. The microcontroller control panel has too much heat because: A. Extra large load traction. Reduce duty cycle load. B. Temperature switch failure. C. The current limit (C/L) is set too high. Lower the setting on the current limit regulator. All of the above reasons can cause crystal failure, control board failure or drive fuse damage.
Problem 2: Neither traction nor hydraulics can last a complete normal working stage. Possible reasons are as follows:
1. The forklift battery equipped with the forklift is too small. Use large forklift batteries for complete duty cycles and normal working phases.
2. During the Mini Diesel/Electric Forklift Truck battery charging operation, the forklift battery charging is incomplete or uneven. Check to see if the cells in the forklift battery are equally charged (a charging method that equalizes the specific gravity of all cells.) Check to see if the battery charger is faulty.
3. The battery charging interval is too long or the charged battery cooling time is too short. It may reduce the capacity and power supply capacity of the battery; reduce the working time of the forklift battery before the next charge, and increase the cooling time of the forklift battery after charging.
Problem 2: Neither traction nor hydraulics can last a complete normal working phase. Possible reasons are as follows:
4. There are one or more faulty single cells in the forklift battery, resulting in less than the rated capacity and power supply capacity of the forklift battery. The forklift battery needs to be replaced.
5. Excessive forklift battery power is attracted (consumed) due to forklift traction system failure. Incorrect working cycle operation (complete working cycle) conditions. The brake adjustment device needs to be checked as specified in the (Forklift System Manual) (Testing and Adjustment). Check mechanical components such as wheel bearings, axles, etc. to troubleshoot. Replace with tires with less friction. 6. Due to the lifting, extending and tilting functions, the hydraulic system draws too much power from the forklift battery, or the hydraulic conditions of the working cycle are incorrect. Lower the hydraulic relief valve setting to the only capacity used. Replace with a smaller hydraulic pump. Check the limit lever during the running process.
6. After a working shift, the forklift is working beyond its designed capacity due to insufficient power. Provide available off-limit forklift batteries (replacement). Reduced speed and required work load to complete the work shift.
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