How Often Does It Take to Replace Forklift Hydraulic Oil and What Are The Replacement Steps?
Nov 24 , 2023
1. How often should the hydraulic forklift truck hydraulic oil be replaced?
After long-term use of forklift hydraulic oil, the quality of the oil will gradually deteriorate due to various aspects of temperature, humidity, oxygen, moisture and light in the air, which will directly affect the working performance of forklift hydraulic system accessories. Under normal use, forklift hydraulic oil is changed every 10,000 hours, usually between 6,000 and 10,000. If it is not replaced at the end of its service life, the deteriorated or contaminated hydraulic oil will damage the forklift hydraulic oil pump and forklift control valve, and will cause greater damage to various forklift hydraulic system accessories. Therefore, during daily work, if you find The forklift hydraulic oil has reached a certain service life and should be replaced in time to avoid greater losses. When choosing hydraulic oil, pay attention to the choice of hydraulic oil brand, and try to choose original and genuine brand hydraulic oil.
2. Replacement steps.
Things to note before replacing hydraulic oil: it must be done in a clean, wind-free environment to avoid dust entering the oil and spare parts; brand new forklift truck maintenance personnel must clean the forklift hydraulic system to remove rust and scale caused by oil deterioration and other impurities; thoroughly remove the old oil from each pipeline and components to avoid affecting the service life of the new oil.
1. Turn the key switch to the on position, and use the mast cylinder to lower the forklift to a position where the fork will be slightly higher than the ground when the tilt cylinder is pushed to the forward position;
2. Push the tilt cylinder to the most forward position;
3. Return the control lever to the neutral position, turn off the key switch, check the connector at the front of each tilt cylinder, and take out the hose;
4. With the key switch turned off, move the control lever to the fully rearward position, let the hydraulic oil in the tilt cylinder pour back into the hydraulic oil tank, and use a crane to tilt the entire mast backward;
5. Return the control lever to the neutral position;
6. Turn on the key switch and use a crane to lift the mast cylinder to the vertical position;
7. Return the control lever to the neutral position, turn off the key switch, and take out the oil return pipe (low-pressure hose) from the upper end of the lifting cylinder;
8. Use the control rod to gradually lower the lifting cylinder to allow the hydraulic oil to pour back from the lifting/mast cylinder to the oil tank;
9. Open the drain plug of the oil tank and let the oil drain from the tank;
10. Return the hose and drain plug to their original positions, and refill the specified hydraulic oil. According to the type and quantity required by the forklift, add new hydraulic oil to the hydraulic cylinder of the forklift, remove the oil return pipe from the liquid storage tank, and connect it to another container. Start the hydraulic pump, wait until the entire hydraulic system is filled with new oil, and then connect the oil return pipe to the oil tank. At the same time, initially fill the reservoir with new oil so that the liquid level is not higher than the upper mark on the oil dipstick and not lower than the lower mark on the side oil dipstick. During operation, forklift maintenance personnel must carefully observe the working conditions of the hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, and reversing valve of the forklift hydraulic system, and check that there are no leaks in the oil pipes and pipe joints. Thus, the oil change process is completed.
3. When replacing the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic system, please pay attention to the following matters:
1. After draining the hydraulic oil from the oil tank, completely remove the sediment at the bottom of the oil tank;
2. After draining the hydraulic oil from the oil tank, replace the microfilter element with a new one;
3. Thoroughly clean the oil filter and oil filter cap;
4. Before checking the hydraulic oil level, confirm that the hydraulic oil is indeed distributed to all forklift hydraulic accessories and pipes. Refill qualified hydraulic oil to the position between the uppermost and lowest marks on the scale rod.
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