How to Perform Daily Maintenance and Repair of Loader?
Nov 08 , 2023
How to perform loader repair and maintenance? To do a good job in the daily maintenance and upkeep of the loader, you must start by understanding the working conditions of each system every time you drive out, and solve problems in a timely manner so as to reduce failures and extend the life of the entire machine.
The purpose of 3 ton front end loader preventive maintenance
1. Through follow-up inspection of the loader operation, planned shutdown, and make arrangements for maintenance and repair of the gearbox.
2. Prevent major mechanical failures and related parts damage, and repair them before the failure occurs to save a lot of maintenance costs.
3. Make the whole machine parts have a longer service life, improve the efficiency of the equipment and maintain good working performance.
4. Reduce maintenance difficulty and workload.
A complete list of loader maintenance precautions
1. Master the operating specifications of the construction wheel loader
For loader operators, they should master the operating skills of the equipment, operate the loader correctly in accordance with safety technical specifications, and truly achieve the "three understandings" (understanding the structure, the principles, and the performance) and the "four skills" (being able to use , know how to maintain, know how to inspect, and know how to troubleshoot general faults). Not only must you be able to operate the equipment, but you must also understand the equipment and check and maintain the equipment, so as to ensure that the loader has a longer service life.
2. Reduce the impact of the environment on the loader
There are many users who ignore the impact of environmental climate on the life of the loader. As we all know, most construction machinery and equipment are operated in the open air. Depending on the project, the working location will also change. The equipment is easily affected by the temperature, environment, climate and other factors of the site. If the machine is working in a fixed location for a long time, it is best to have a shutdown room (shed) or use an upper cover to reduce the damage caused by sun and rain as much as possible. Therefore, corresponding machine protection measures should be taken according to the climate environment.
3. Don’t neglect maintenance because of tight construction schedule.
Construction units should not ignore the importance of maintenance and ignore the maintenance of construction machinery because of tight construction schedules. They mistakenly believe that as long as the equipment runs normally without major faults, they can sit back and relax; failure to maintain timely will cause great hidden dangers. The occurrence of many major accidents is accumulated in this way over time. When an accident actually occurs, it is too late. Therefore, the maintenance of the loader cannot be forgotten in order to catch up with the project.
4. Use appropriate maintenance methods
You cannot wait until repairs are necessary before repairing the loader. When a fault is discovered, you should promptly troubleshoot and repair it. The following methods can be used in maintenance practice: First, parts transposition. Many parts on construction machinery, such as bulldozers, excavator track pins, diesel engine cylinder liners, etc., often bear one-way loads during operation, resulting in uneven wear. If the parts subject to uneven loads are replaced in a timely manner to equalize their wear, their service life can be extended. The second is to use advanced brush plating and adhesive repair technology to repair failed parts quickly and at low cost, such as wear-resistant surfacing, spray diamond plating, magnetic plating, laser plating, etc.
5. Use qualified accessories and oil products
When repairing the loader, you cannot blindly replace spare parts for cheap. Replacing inferior spare parts will seriously damage the equipment and increase the probability of failure in the future. In addition, when replacing engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil and other oils, you must also choose oils that are suitable for the loader type. You cannot replace low-priced low-quality oils.
What are the reasons why the diesel engine of loader and forklift often hits the cylinder gasket?
When the cylinder gasket is burned by the high-temperature gas in the cylinder, it is called "cylinder gasket flushing", also known as "cylinder gasket burning".
After flushing the cylinder gasket of a diesel engine, abnormal phenomena such as "foaming" in the water tank, water intrusion into the oil pan, emulsification of engine oil, and exhaust pipe drainage (white smoke) will generally occur. The main causes of cylinder gasket flushing are:
⑴ Cylinder head deformation
Thermal deformation occurs because the cylinder head is subjected to the alternating action of high-temperature and high-pressure gas for a long time; improper disassembly and assembly (not disassembly and assembly in sequence) can also cause deformation. After the cylinder head is deformed, the raised parts cannot press the cylinder gasket tightly, causing leakage of high-temperature gas and causing the cylinder gasket to burn out.
⑵ The height of the cylinder liner boss is different, causing the sealing of individual cylinders to be loose.
In order to press the cylinder liner and cylinder gasket on the cylinder block and maintain good sealing, it is generally required that the cylinder liner end boss plane is higher than the cylinder block by a certain size (usually 0.05~0.12mm). The same diesel engine (or the same cylinder The difference in protrusion amount of the cylinder liner between the two cylinders under the cover is also specified (generally 0.05mm).
If it exceeds the specified value, it may cause insufficient sealing pressure, causing high-pressure and high-temperature gas to escape and destroy the cylinder gasket.
⑶ Cylinder head bolts are loose or the tightening torque is insufficient
When a diesel engine leaves the factory, the usage and maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer have clear requirements for the torque of the cylinder head fastening bolts. During maintenance, the cylinder head should be tightened strictly according to the specified time and method.
⑷ The assembly method of the cylinder gasket is incorrect or the quality of the cylinder gasket is poor.
⑸ The machine is not working properly and the cylinder gasket is flushed due to overheating.
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