The composition and working principle of forklift electric motor Nov 03 , 2023
The composition and working principle of forklift electric motor
1. Composition. 1. Brush cover; 2. Temperature switch; 3. Motor frame; 4. Brush; 5. Rectifier; 6. Armature; 7. Electromagnetic coil; 8. Fan
2. Working principle. The hydraulic system is operated by a DC motor. The battery is the DC motor power source. Hydraulic pump motors are a series of wound motors and use high temperature insulation. The armature is mounted with single row ball bearings at each end. Ball bearings are always lubricated with high-temperature lubricants. The electronics on the motor are made with corrosion-resistant terminals on the motor. On the outside of the motor frame is a cover that can be easily removed to view the brushes and rectifier. The electromagnetic coil is fixed inside the motor frame. The brushes of the forklift electric motor are fixed on four spring brush holders. The springs hold the brushes to protect the rectifier and brushes from wear. Accessories of the armature include shafts, cells, coils and rectifiers. Gasoline petrol Forklift truck electric motors are protected against excessive temperatures with temperature switches. When the normally closed temperature switch is opened, the through current is limited, allowing the motor to cool. All motors are fan cooled. The hydraulic pump motor is driven when the key and seat switch are turned off and the lift, tilt or accessory lever is moved. During lifting operation, the motor speed is driven. During lifting operations, the forklift electric motor speed is different. The greater the distance the rod moves, the faster the LPG&Gasoline forklift truck electric motor rotates. During tilt and attachment operations, the forklift electric motor speed is fixed. Lift, tilt and attachment operating speeds can be preset in microcontroller control selection

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