The loader driver must have five senses
Aug 01 , 2022
1. Turn the steering wheel, as if turning the tires by hand
The wheel loader adopts full hydraulic steering, which is very light and flexible in operation and has a small turning angle, which only needs to be turned slightly. Beginners are very uncomfortable when operating, and there are phenomena such as "drawing a dragon", shaking, killing steering, and impact. A good car driver will experience the same phenomenon when he is learning to drive a loader, and it will take a long time to correct it. In this way, on the one hand, the engineering construction efficiency is reduced, and on the other hand, the damage speed of the machinery is accelerated. Therefore, in order to find this kind of feeling, it is necessary for beginners to have a stable mind, not to rush for success, to use small accelerators, slow motion, first decomposing exercises, then coherent exercises, and careful experience to be aware of them, so as not to damage the machinery. Steadily improve the technical level of operation.
2. The feeling of the correct cooperation between the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal
Since there is no clutch pedal in the transmission mechanism of the wheel loader, and most domestic car driver training institutions have so far used manual transmission vehicles to train trainees, the beginners of loader drivers are accustomed to thinking that the left brake pedal is the clutch pedal. The practitioner often makes the machine suddenly brake suddenly, but the practitioner does not know it at all, and it is easy to cause an accident. To find this kind of feeling, beginners are required to have sufficient theoretical knowledge and sufficient simulation training. The coach can sit on the left side of the practitioner when adding and subtracting gears, and the coach can use his right foot to hook the practitioner's foot when adding gears. Left foot, shift the gear and then release it to make it adapt slowly to prevent mechanical damage caused by wrong operation; when shifting down, the coach can help the practitioner to step on the brake pedal (due to the inertia of the loader mechanism, the first and second gears The speed difference is large, you must step on the brakes when downshifting, so that the speed of the vehicle drops to the first gear and then downshifts, otherwise it is very easy to damage the transmission element), wait until the practitioner can better adapt, and then let him drive alone.
3. The feeling of a clear division of labor between the left and right hands
The loader shift lever is located at the lower left of the steering wheel, and the practitioner must operate it with the left hand, while the car lever is on the right side of the practitioner's seat, so that beginners of the loader habitually think that the steering wheel is operated with the right hand and then the gear lever is replaced with the left hand. , and sometimes wrongly operate the gear lever directly with the right hand. In addition, the loader requires the left hand to operate the steering wheel and the gear lever, and the right hand to operate the joystick of the work device, which requires beginners to be careful, busy and not chaotic during practice, and gradually improve.
4. The feeling of full cooperation between the accelerator pedal and the joystick of the working device
The quality of the cooperation between the accelerator pedal and the joystick of the working device when the loader is working will directly affect the working efficiency and fuel consumption. It is difficult for beginners to grasp this point, and practice often causes a lot of fuel consumption and mechanical damage. No matter how the coach explains the operation essentials in detail, beginners will still be at a loss when operating. The theory requires that when the loader is working, the boom is raised, the bucket is turned on the fuel valve, and the bucket is not filled with the fuel valve; when the machine is 1-2m away from the stock pile, slow down and adjust the blade to slowly insert into the stock pile, according to the looseness of the stock pile.
or firmness to determine the size of the throttle and how much to lift the boom (bucket). These essentials can be summed up as how to master the cooperation between the accelerator pedal and the joystick of the working device. This feeling is also an important part of the loader operation. How to find this feeling is very important for beginners. Beginners will start off by lowering the boom and loosening the shovel
It is the mistake of filling the accelerator on the side of the bucket, and the accelerator is always high when loading. As long as you study the theoretical knowledge seriously and under the guidance of the coach, you will definitely correct the mistake and learn to master this important feeling.
5. The feeling of hand in the shovel loading pile
This feeling is the most important and critical in the loader operation, that is, the right-hand operation of the work device joystick makes the bucket shovel, load, level, and dig the pile like its own hand. Beginners sometimes can't find the leveling position of the bucket, and sometimes they find it and the bucket is uneven when it touches the stock pile, either deep or shallow, and the bucket cannot be filled. I tried to keep the bucket close to the ground, but the bucket plunged into the ground. The hand wants to level the ground, but the bucket suddenly rises and falls, the hand wants to dig into the ground, but the bucket just doesn't go into the ground, etc. These phenomena are common for beginners. To find this feeling, the practitioner is required to be patient, attentive, have sufficient theoretical knowledge, and remember the following formulas:
Shovel mounted level digging in the right hand;
The essentials of action must be remembered;
Bucket flat to see the sign;
Dig down thirty degrees.
The above formulas are the essentials of shoveling materials, leveling the ground, and digging mounds that should be mastered when the loader operates. Practitioners should focus on the bucket, understand the essentials in their heart, and grasp the speed with their hands, so that the joystick can express the movements that the hands want to express in a timely and accurate manner. The throttle should be moderate, the hand strength should be gentle, not too hasty, too strong, and with carefulness, patience and perseverance, this feeling will be found quickly.
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