How to Adjust the Forklift Fork?
Aug 23 , 2023
First, the load roller (bearing) adjustment of the 3 ton new forklift frame. NOTE: Standard, Full Free Lift and Full Free Triple Lift Fork Carrier Bearings are all adjusted in the same manner. Shown below is a fully automatic three-stage lift fork. For yoke adjustment, a mast gauge and adapter to match the mast gauge is required. The forklift forks must be removed from the forklift.
Second, select the bearing from the following chart to obtain the minimum distance between the grooved full-length bearing and the groove. The same bearing must be used in all four positions.
Mast and Forklift Fork Bearings
Bearing Dimensions, Bearing Oversized Diameter
Ultra-small size: 98.5mm (3.878in)
Standard: 99.0mm (3.587in)
Oversized: 99.5mm (3.917in)
Third, 5 ton forklift fork frame adjustment.
1. No spacing
2. Minimum spacing
3. Higher bearing
4. Thin gasket
5. Screws
6. Lower bearing
7. Connecting bolts
Fourth, the middle door frame.
1. Mast gauge
2. Use a gauge to find the narrowest point of the inner mast in the area where the bearings touch together. Move the gauge on the mast until you find the narrowest point. Adjust the gauge until it is the same length as the narrowest point of the inner mast.
3. Mast gauge. A. Mast gauge; B. Adapter
4. Position the adapter over the gauge so that the end of the adapter is in contact with the gauge rollers. Adjust the size of the adapter to match the gauge.
Di five, the middle door frame
1. Mast gauge;
2. Install enough shims that have been divided into two equal groups at the rear of the bearing. This allows for no gaps when the adapter is mounted beyond the bearing. During installation, the bearing and the narrowest point of the inner mast should stick together;
3. Operate other bearing devices.
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